This red jeweled sign is one of the oldest of its type. It was the first use of the iconic octagon and contains over 60 red glass marble reflectors. Measuring an impressive 18 inches and showing a wonderful rustic, graphic quality. I have never seen anything this early. Its likely to be one of the oldest manufactured street signs. All the glass is in perfect condition and the steel has a deep aged patina… SOLD
Now on display at:
Radio Guy Showroom, 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566 • 914-257-1664


With contributions from 57 local and international artists, Peekskill Project 6 has filled the city’s waterfront with public art. Organized by the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art with its works selected by a committee of nine artists and curators, the exhibit continues through Dec. 31. Launched in 2004, the exhibit is designed to bring contemporary art out of the museum and into the community, specifically into spaces not normally used to present art, using the city as a stage. This is all happening right at the Early Electrics and Radio Guy showrooms front door. Discover the Peekskill Waterfront… Westchester’s creative hub. 115 North Water Street, Peekskill NY 10566 – To check our hours call 914-257-1664

We recently had the good fortune to find this monumental 11 foot wide, 8 foot tall carved head among the weeds in a Westchester, New York estate. A bit of research reveled that this was originally a prop from the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. It was used in Tom Stoppard’s “Invention Of Love”. If the face feels a bit familiar… it’s a large scale copy of Michelangelo’s “David”. It is now on view outside The Radio Guy and Early Electrics showroom. If you’re strolling in our towns Historic Peekskill Landing Park, sailing up the Hudson River or commuting on the Metro North Railroad it can’t be missed. Its soon to become one of Peekskill’s newest landmarks.

This a good sized railroad engine. The scale is large and powerful enough to pull an adult and a number of children on cars behind it. It was hand built in 1974 by M. Hale and last ran about 10 years ago. It was well cared for and should be ready to go again. It’s over 4 foot long and highly detailed. I’d guess it took at least 2000 hours to build. It comes on a heavy and stable pedestal stand bringing the hight to 65 inches tall. We set this up in our showroom window and every day cars slow down to take a look… $12000
115 North Water Street
Peekskill NY 10566

This is one of the most elaborate Wheels of Fortune H.C. Evans & Co. ever made. What makes this one rare is it’s smaller size. These decorative wheels were hand made and top of the line. This example has all the original reverse painted glass and mirrored panels. In addition all nickel plated pins as well as the colored Catalin numbers . It looks and works beautifully. It has the original stand, tower and spinning odds wheel. It stands 43 inches tall with a 24 inch diameter wheel. This one shows like a piece of jewelry.

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Art Nouveau, Paris metro shield designed by Hector Guimard for the Paris metro. Original design is circa 1900, France.

Although the Paris metro is still in existence, over the years, the city of Paris and the metro authorities have changed many of the station entries, to more modern designs. The original station entries still feature these wonderful designs by Hector Guimard. When the original stations were dismantled, they were given to long time employees as retirement gifts. To our knowledge, they have never been offered publicly for sale and
would now be considered as a ‘national treasure’ and not allowed to leave France. You may never have the opportunity find another for sale. The patina is original and untouched. The wing on the bottom right looks to have been professionally repaired. The shield is heavy cast iron and comes with a custom museum display stand. There are well made cast copies out there but you will never find an original.

Bio : Hector Guimard (1867-1942)
Architect, Furniture Designer and Crafts Artist.
Born in Lyon, France. Hector Guimard is revered to be one of the prominent designers of the Art Nouveau era. Studied in Paris, where he began his design practice. He helped to create French Art Nouveau design by advocating a style based on organic forms and exuberant ornamentation. Inspired by some of the new Architectural theories in the late 1800’s, he produced some exceptional avant-garde designs, including the iconic Paris Metro, which he designed for the 1900 Exposition Universelle.

Hector Guimard was one of the first Art Nouveau and Art Deco designers of the period, who, along with designers Eugene Grasset, Raoul Lachenal, Paul Folllot, Maurice Dufrene and Emile Decoeur, joined together to create ‘The Societe Des Artistes Decorateurs’. They planned and created an exhibit of forward thinking modern design known as the 1925 Paris Exposition.

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What is an an ophthalmotrope? An ophthalmotrope is an apparatus for demonstrating the movements of the eye and the action of the different muscles which produce them, consisting essentially of a model eyeball to which are attached strings and pulleys to duplicate the line force of the muscles.
We think this example is most likely French from the early 20th Century. The base is marble with paw feet. It’s also quite large at well over 3 foot tall. This instrument is very complete. It also includes additional parts to set the mechanics up in a different way. In the pictures above the strings are attached to a keyboard. The alternative replaces the keyboard with string guide with a dozen hanging tubular weights. This is one of the largest and most decorative examples we have seen. I have only seen pictures of Ophtalmotropes and never one this fine and complete. It’s as rare and impressive show piece… $12,000

This is an amazing hand carved solid wood devil’s head. I can’t say what movie it was in or if it was just a test character. In any cast Tom Burton liked it enough to display and be photographed with it. If you look at the picture the head is on the left wearing a Santa hat… $2400

Only open a year and Westchester Magazine editors voted us “Best of Westchester” for 2015.

“Run by father-and-son team Steve and Daniel Marc Erenberg, this store and showroom is filled with turn-of-the century mechanical devices and curios, as well as unique refashioned lighting and lamps. But are the goods truly unique? When we stopped by recently, an 1840 papier-mâché anatomical model of a horse had just been delivered.”

“115 North Water Street, Peekskill New York 10566
(914) 402-1790; and


If you’re sporting the correct old timey mustache and tweeds then you are ready for a once around the park. These early high wheelers are the quintessential antique bicycle. Every early bicycle collector has at least one in their collection. They are unique and nothing else looks like it. Of all the 1800s bicycle designs this was the most graphic and recognizable. It always brings a smile to peoples faces. This is a perfect wall hanger and unlike most antiques this one is a good solid rider. The paint and bright metal shows an aged patina.
1800s open head 47″ high wheel ordinary having straight bars with wooden pear grips, brakes, good early saddle. Note that the bicycle Stand pictured is not included… $5600
You can see this bicycle on display at our new showroom…
115 North Water Street
Peekskill NY 10566