Above is a Turn-of-the-Century photograph of Dr. James Law (1838-1921), Americas first academic veterinarian. He is seated before the faculty and students in the Cornell Veterinarian Collage lecture hall using one of the earliest examples of an Auzoux Horse. These models are scarce and almost unheard of here in the US. Could this be “The” Dr. Law Model?

This is one of the largest and rarest of the Dr. Auzoux Paper mache anatomical models. It’s also one of our most ambitious accusations. This prized 1846 first generation hand made model dates to the mid 1800s. It was recently found tucked away in a barn for over 20 years and is fresh to the market. A handful of Auzoux full size horse model are known to exist… can be found in the scientific collections of museums around the world. This is the only known example that can be found outside of a museum.

This 65 inch by 76 inch model is labeled and can be completely taken apart, offering a hyper-realistic, precisely detailed overview of a horse’s anatomy, comparable to what one might learn through dissection. When the first prototype was created in 1844 by physician Louis Auzoux, it was a revolutionary teaching aid for veterinary students.
Dr Louis Auzoux (Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux) (1797-1880) was a French anatomist. He is known for his large scale zoological and botanical models for educational use. Models such as this quarter horse were made to help veterinary scientists understand the form and structure of horses and other animals. As a medical student, Auzoux was frustrated with the shortage of human and animal corpses available for studying anatomy. Auzoux graduated from medical school in 1818 and worked in the surgical department of the hospital Hotel-Dieu in Paris. In 1820 while visiting the papier-mache workshop of Francois Ameline, his ingenious idea to produce papier-mache models was envisioned. In 1828, he set up a workshop which made accurate human and veterinary anatomical models in Saint-Aubin-d’Ecrosville, in Normandy. He became a lecturer in universities and exhibited his papier-mache models during his lectures. His models became famous at industrial shows during the second half of the 19th century, such as the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London, where they received praise.
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