We have traveled all over the world… always on the lookout for early Dr. Auzoux Models. Most are already in museums and private collections. Examples usually pass from collector to collector Via word of mouth. They are an important part of medical history and amazing when you see all the painstaking detail. It’s a must have on every collectors list. As luck would have it this extra large 73 inch model was found just 40 miles from my shop. Its fresh to the market and was located in a dry estate attic where it remained hidden for over 80 years. The model was untouched but for the fact that he was wearing a hat and had a cigar in the mouth. These models are made from paper mache that’s why few survived. Seeing this was as surprising as finding that undiscovered Ferrari in a barn.
This is the largest male model Auzoux made and very sought after. There could be a small part missing but it does look very complete. The original paint is shot with every bit of it holding on for dear life. That said… the deep patina transforms the body into something special. It sits on the original metal legs… $8600