(A) This is an early full draw cabinet from the mid to late 1800s. We pulled this right out of the old machine shop where it sat for over 100 years. It’s complete with all 132 draws and each draw is numbered with a raised metal plaque. The original draw pulls are cast iron and it’s only missing a couple. The weathered paint and aged patina is something that can never be reproduced. We did find it in a machine shop but it could have originally been produced as an apothecary or seed cabinet. The size is a dramatic 54 inches by 80 inches wide. It’s only 12 inches deep so it dosn’t eat up tons of space but still makes a big statment… $3200
(B) We left this early Icebox just as we found it. The painted finish has an aged patina with the galvanized metal showing through. All the original removeable racks are still in place. It sits on legs with wheels. The size is very managable at only 50 x 27 x 21 inches deep… $750
(C) This table features a one-of-a-kind industrial base. We discovered this amazing hand-wrought and riveted drum in an early brick foundry building. It’s at least 100-125 years old. It was salvaged off a huge parts polishing machine. When in use this drum was filled with a fine sand and would slowly tumble the cast parts until they were smooth. This drum must weigh at least 300 lbs… so it’s more than sturdy. We took a close up picture of the rivets and paint patina… the finish and age can’t be duplicated. Only a century of wear can do that. The rivets are hand hammered and are each about the size of a dime. The bottom has a 32 inch diameter and tapers to 22 inches. You are buying the base only. We show the table with a 60 inch glass top for illustration purposes only. Any type of surface will work well on this base including marble, steel, wood or glass… $1600
(D) This is a very early all original cupboard. I’m guessing 150 to 200 years old. You can still see a hint of the original paint. It’s even signed on the front in a couple of places. G. Hall Jr. Co. was an 1800s thread manufacturer… $850
(E) This has to be one of my favorite street lamps. The details are amazing. The body is solid copper and it has all the trap doors, clips and porcelain connectors. It stands an impressive 30 inches tall with a 20 inch diameter. The original plaque is there and reads… Westinghouse Enclosed Arc Lamp. We have rewired it for home use… $2400

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