From January 17th to April 26th, 2013 The Gregg Museum of Art And Design (located at the North Carolina University) will feature it’s newest exhibition “Farfetched”. Mad Science, Fringe Architecture and Visionary Engineering takes as its basic point of departure British mathematician Alfred North Whitehead’s famous quip that, “Every really new idea looks crazy at first.” The exhibition will feature objects that question (and push) the boundaries of what is considered “normal” in art and technology. The show was Co-curated by Tom Patterson and Roger Manley.

The first object you see at the entrance to the show is the from the Radio-Guy.com Museum collection. Its a Phrenology based quack device. This is one of my favorite items in our collection. It’s a low voltage shock therapy helmet that sends impulses to selected parts of the head. Whenever I look at it I’m reminded of Fritz Lang’s futuristic movie “Metropolis”. This helmet was custom custom made by Energo of Turin Italy. He was one of the more important instrument makers at the turn of the century.