1) I love this 1800s doctor bag. What could be more perfect than Dr Feelgood. This goes back to a time when they actually made house calls. A number of years ago we found a Cow Doctor case and have been looking at bags in flea markets ever since. Well… we got lucky and found one that may even be better… $525

2) This is a Folk Art door from a Turn-Of-The Century doctors cabinet. The hand carved skull and cross bones plus the word poison have a wonderful naive quality… $550

3) This is a life size medical model. They were used as teaching aids for medical students. These models were an important part of medical history and a teaching tool through the formative years of plastic surgery. This is an early cast metal example from the 1920’s and is complete with all it’s 2 face parts. It’s signed The Plastic Surgery Laboratories. Every time I look at this display I can’t help but think it could have been done by the Surrealist master Salvador Dali. We rarely sell examples like this from our museum collection… $1600

You can see these 3 items listed on the “Radio Guy” site.