These floating dental tables are almost impossible to find and its one of my favorite items. It was the table a Dentist would pull out just over the patient. He could then have all his tools at hand during a procedure. Mixing old and new technology… I use a similar example as a computer laptop table in my office. The folding and adjustable arm is a complex arrangement and is an interesting example of early technology. It is also jointed in a couple of places to fold out of the way. This decorative arm very unique. The bracket swings side to side, moves up and down with a clever locking mechanism. The round table is milk glass with a metal nickel plated edge and S curved brackets. If you are a seasoned collector than you already know this is one of those Holy Grail items. I have been collecting these for 30 years and have never really seen one other than on the pages of an 1800s catalog. This was just listed on