On the left is an early Siebe Gorman smoke mask. These full face helmets are very rare and found mostly in museum collections. It’s signed on a brass plaque… Mfgd by Siebe Gorman and Company, London England. The front has doors that swing open and use Mica to see through. The window frame is aluminum. This is also one of the first industrial uses for aluminum. Aluminum was a new and unique metal, durable, lightweight, and resistant to tarnishing. At the time, it was considered quite rare and valuable. The mask on the right is unsigned but equally as impressive. These helmets would attach to a long hose that ran to a foot operated bellows. The fireman would then go into a smokey building to rescue those trapped within. The hose was his only air supply and lifeline. Signals were given by tugs on the hose… 1 tug was for more air, 2 tugs less air and 3 was for help. This is one of the oldest examples we have offered. The patina and wear is amazing and shows a great deal of history. You had to be a real hero to go into the blaze with this.