The skulls are unsigned but from my experience the style says Dr. Auzoux. If you are a seasoned collector than you already know just how rare and sought after these models are. The quality and accuracy of the adult skull as well as the subtle and delicately painted details make this life-sized example very special. The model is a perfect example with no repaint or repair. The Fetal Skull is unsigned as well. It’s an extremely rare example with an unpainted finish and amazing patina. I’m surprised this delicate and important object survived. Adult… $1800, Fetal… $850

Dr. Auzoux‘s papier-mâché models
Medical student Louis Auzoux (1797-1880) was frustrated with the shortage of human corpses available for studying anatomy. Using his own secret papier-mâché mixture he developed ‘dissectable’ models, which could be used again and again. Later, he also created models of animals and plants. Introducing papier-mâché as a modelling material was a radical change from earlier modelling techniques. In previous centuries, anatomists and artists made their anatomical models using wax. While wax models could reproduce anatomical details very accurately, the material was very expensive and too fragile to be handled frequently because the wax would lose its shape. Papier-mâché, on the other hand, was sturdy enough to produce detachable models that could be used again and again, at less than a tenth of the price of similar wax models. The jaw is connected with springs and early hardware. The wood stand is included.