We’re back from our regular buying trip to Buenos Aires. While everyone was out Tangoing we went to San Telmo shopping… one of our favorite places for antiquing outside of Paris. Pictured is just a hint at what we brought back. Above is the earliest airplane toy model I’ve ever offered. It has an impressive 30 inch wing span and is 20 inches long. The metal plane parts and stand have the original patina. Note the 3 rubber wheels… the rubber’s patina and style are a good indication of this models age. The red areas are lacquered paper and show some age as well. It’s hard to see that there are 2 anchor emblems on the wings. It may indicate that it was produced by the Anchor Toy Company…. but I can’t say for sure… SOLD
Pictured below are a couple of the antique shops and street performers found around Plaza Dorrego. Also shown is a floor standing tower clock gear cutting machine. We brought it home in 4 suitcases. It’s 1800’s and an important early tool… SOLD