“Intentional Misrepresentation”, “Fraudulent Concealment”, Negligent Misrepresentation, “False Advertising” and “Unfair Competition”…. These were the charges recently filed against Restoration Hardware by Obsolete Inc. This is a classic David vs Goliath story. It’s unfortunate that industrial designers, interior decorators and small business owners need to look over their shoulder for the Copycats. You would think that Restoration Hardware was in a position to employ their own taste makers and be above the predatory unethical behavior. Whatever the legal outcome… the court of public opinion is what really counts. That’s why Restoration Hardware spends millions on public relations. It’s about time someone stood up to the bullies and bootleggers of this business. Go to “Restoration Reproduces” for the whole story and let them know what you think… I have.
Steve Erenberg Prop.