These 4 striking black & white lithographs are Fritz Scholder’s celebrated “ANPAO – American Indian Odyssey” series. They are circa 1976-1977 and are hand signed and numbered 29/100. In fact all 4 pieces are numbered “29/100″… These were all printed in the same series and pulled as a set by the artist. We have had the set in our personal collection for over 30 years. The set includes “ANPAO/Buffalo”, “ANPAO/Death”, “ANPAO/Owl” and “ANPAO/Bat”. The prints are an impressive 15″x22.5″ (23″x30.5″ framed). This is a well known set that illustrated Jamake Highwater’s award winning book “ANPAO – An American Indian Odyssey”. Priced as a set of 4… $7500