While watching the TV show Ed Norton wore a clear-bubbled space helmet, carried a disintegrator gun and recited the following pledge:
“I, (fill in name), Ranger third class in the Captain Video Space Academy, do solemnly pledge to obey my mommy and daddy, be kind to dumb animals and old ladies in and out of space, not to tease my little brothers and sisters, and to brush my teeth twice a day and drink milk after every meal.”
Below are a few of the helmets from our collection.

From left to right: •Real high altitude flight helmet… $650, •1930’s painted tin and red leather child’s space helmet… $750, •1950’s One-of-a-kind prop for early science fiction TV show… $950, •1960 childs molded aluminum helmet… $550, •Very rare original manufacturers 1930’s wooden mold for making space helmets… $1200