It wasn’t too long ago that the keyboard started to replace the drawing board. My first job was in the ID department of well known industrial design studio and every artist had one. I moved on years ago but still work at a drafting table similar to those pictured above. I can’t live without one. In fact I buy every nice example I can find. Here are a few of my favorites. •Left: large oak board with heavy base and amazing custom built in light… SOLD •Right: Heavy iron base with all the bells and whistles, including rack and pinyon hight mechanism, articulated arm with satellite accessory table. Under table adjustment lever and flat board top with mechanics. This was the quintessential Creative Directors table and top of the line… SOLD
•Center: This Brizard & Young “Adjustable Industrial Chair” is quite rare and considered the first real ergonomic work chair…1100 •Back: Oak paint and brush cabinet on white porcelain pedestal…. $1100