The wide variety you’ll find in Patent Models and Salesman’s samples is truly amazing. From the 1800’s into the early 1900’s miniature product replicas were produced in very small quantities. These were created to make life easier on “Door to Door Salesman”. What the companies produced were not toys. These were small highly detailed and faithful representations of real products. Some of the most sought after examples are early mechanical farm equipment. Shoes, hats, vacuum cleaners, architectural items and printing presses are just a small list of what’s out there. Patent Models are a bit different. These were hand made and one-of-a-kind. the Patent Act of 1790 required that anyone applying to the U.S. Patent Office submit a working model of the invention. Over 200,000 models were submitted during the next 90 years, but after two fires and a growing lack of space, the model requirement was abolished in 1880. Look for the original tags sometimes tied to these objects. This helps when researching government record books. Some items are too esoteric, so as a collector I try to find examples that are recognizable. In the pictured group above there’s an important documented patent model of an invalid’s mechanical chair… $2400