anamatronic_sm robin_williams_bicentennial_man_001
Look just below the skin of most Animatronics and you’ll find gold. Some of the most striking sculptural objects are hidden there. Pictured above are 4 examples you can find on the website. The example up front is the original headpiece worn by Robin Williams in the 1999 film “Bicentennial Man”The helmet is displayed on the original Robin Williams foam makeup mannequin. Just behind on the left is the highly completed animatronic workings used in a TV Mini series Rose Red by Stephen King. Above is sturdy head of “The Big Bad Wolf”. It was used for many years as part of an attraction in an amusement park. The hand came from a Penny Arcade machine. • Bicentennial Man… $1400 • Rose Red… $2100 • Wolf… $750 • Hand… $1800