My career started in the studios of Raymond Lowey (Studebaker Avanti) and as a freelance designer for The DeLorian Motor Company. I’ve owned half a dozen antique automobiles and spent 4 years restoring a 1950 Chrysler Town & Country to be a national show winner. You can see my love of the automobile runs deep. This leads me to the AACA’s National Meet in Hershey Pennsylvania…. The largest car show and automobile related flea market in the world. Every October 10,000 venders plus an uncountable number of show and “for sale” cars gather in one place and take over the whole town. I’m told that the flea market is almost 40 miles of walking so wear comfortable shoes. Every fall for the last 30 years I’ve spent 4 days hunting it’s isles rummaging through boxes and peeking under tables as well as meeting old friends again. I’m always asked… “Where do you find all the great stuff you show?” and Hershey is one of my hunting grounds.


Last show yielded one of my best finds. It’s a 70+ year-old collection of hand made, one of a kind classic car models. These models were lovingly crafted by a hobbyist and hidden away for years. Recently discovered and found packed in a dozen boxes was an amazing miniature junkyard of parts and cars. At the moment I have one complete model to offer you. I’m only just starting to find out what cars and parts are packed away. Pictured is what I believe to be a 1923 Rolls Royce. It’s an impressive 24” and constructed using mostly wood and metal, with fenders and tires made from early cereal box cardboard. The doors and hood are operable and the body floats on layered metal leaf springs. The wire wheels use real wire with each one glued into place. This in no way is a professionally made precision scale model. It’s lovingly made by a dedicated hobbyist for himself. It’s too bad people don’t spend their days doing these kind of things anymore… $2400

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