When Disney wanted to prop their new live action film the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” they shopped at the Radio-Guy Museum. Their set decorators will use the helmet and a number of other items to decorate the Sorcerer’s (Nicolas Cage) New York workshop. Take a good look at the helmet pictured top center in the above group shot. When the film opens in 2010 keep an eye out for Disney’s next 100+ year old rising star. These helmets are eerie, powerful and strangely hypnotic. And though many are a century old, they remain remarkably futuristic. In the last decade, industrial masks and helmets have crossed the line from antique utilitarian tools to prized and collected art. Where some see the inspiration for the cowls of Batman, Spiderman and Iron Man, others see industrial counterparts to the ancient tribal masks of Africa, Asia and The Americas. Imagine slipping one over your head. Who – or what – would you become?

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