AAARRR! Anything can happen on the Peekskill Waterfront! Early today a couple strolled into our new showroom calling themselves Pirates. They were dressed the part and claimed that their ship was docked right outside… “We just sailed up from Florida”. I had to take this picture because proof would be needed. By the end of the day and armed only with their curiosity, the whole crew paid us a visit. They call themselves the “Caravan Stage Company” and it’s Cirque du Soleil meets Occupy Wall Street. These Pirates were friendly but not big spenders.
Shows are at the Historic Peekskill Landing – 8:30PM, September 4,5,6 and 7, 2014.

Radio Guy and Early Electrics Showrooms
45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan
115 North Water Street, Peekskill, New York 10566
Steve Erenberg, 914-257-1664


Peekskill’s historic waterfront district was alive with activity. Thousands from all over Westchester New York were drawn to one of the Hudson Rivers largest firework displays. It seemed like the perfect time to open our doors. The new showroom has a front row seat on the river and the street was packed and waiting for sundown. We were almost as big a draw as the show. It won’t go to our heads… The new found popularity was mainly because of our clean restrooms. Call for showroom hours.

115 North Water Street
Peekskill, NY 10566

Steve & Dan Erenberg

americanpickersSteve Erenberg travels to the Pickers Iowa shop to discuss the merits of a rare 1920s Morse Wave Genorator. (View American Pickers Clip)

We spent 4 days at Brimfield and filled the truck with some of our best finds yet. It was one of the best trips in years. The weather held up but the place was packed… I snapped a picture just seconds before this smiling crowd trampled me.

photo copy 2The Gregg Museum’s 2013 exhibition FARFETCHED: Mad Science, Fringe Architecture and Visionary Engineering. Their 122-page catalogue for that show (featuring a Shock Helmet from the Radio Guy collection on the cover) was awarded a Silver Medal by the Southeastern Museums Conference in their annual publication competition, and was glowingly reviewed in the major British publication Raw Vision.
“It was great fun and a pleasure to be of help.”
Steve Erenberg

For those of you who have been calling and emailing… We’re working as fast as we can… Sorry let me take that back! We aren’t working as fast as we can. This is a labor of love we want to get it right. and will soon have a fitting home for their showroom gallery, workshop and design studio. At this moment the 1880′s landmark building is finished and we are just starting to dust off and set things up. All the puzzle pieces are starting to fit into place. We are located facing one of the prettiest views of the Hudson River and just 45 minutes north of midtown Manhattan in the Historic Peekskill New York Waterfront District. Pictured above is just a sneak peek of this 8000sf building.
Steve Erenberg – 914-257-1664

americanpickers pickers_smokehelmet

Danielle and Steve Erenberg discuss the merits of an 1800s Sebe Gorman smoke rescue mask. (American Pickers clip)

Berlin, Planetarium

Over 50 years ago as a Cub Scout we took a trip to New York’s Hayden Planetarium. It wasn’t the show that impressed me the most. As we sat in the theater I couldn’t take my eyes off that large monster planetarium projector that towered over us . What you see is the main star ball from a large theater planetarium. Each lens has a film showing a portion of the night sky. There are 17 lenses that complete the picture. This was a very costly device. Few were made and I can’t even guess what the original cost would have been. Doing a bit of computer research leads me to believe this was a Minolta MS Series unit. It’s over two foot in diameter. The ball is mounted on a cast iron pedestal bringing the total hight to over four foot tall. I’m not sure if it can be made to project and have not tried to play with it. As complex as it looks the principle is simple… with a strong enough light source in the unit and a very dark room the film in each lens should project. This is an old style unit with a piece of film in each lens… The new planetariums are now all digital. The ball has a real space-age feel and an incredible sculptural presence. It stops people in their tracks. Height: 49, Diameter: 24,


This is a Vintage 1934 Kingsbury Motor Driven Pressed Steel Golden Arrow Wind-Up Toy Car. It was modeled after a world land speed record car. It measures approximately 19.75 inches long, 4.25 inches wide and 3 inches high. The winding mechanism works and all four wheels are free moving. It still has the original decal, driver and windshield. The condition is very nice with almost all its original paint. This is one of the nicer examples you’ll find. This toy was featured in Classic Driver‘s on line holiday gift guide as well as 1stdibs. Of course you cal always find us at


On our recent buying trip to Paris we found this amazing life sized articulated artist mannequin. It was love at first sight. I went back to look at it 3 times. Sadly it was just to costly for me to purchase. The choice was the mannequin or a new BMW. So next time you happen to be strolling around the Marché aux Puces it may still be there. If you see her send my regards.


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